Click Here to read Colors by LCA student Miriam Sinitean

Paintings, Pictures, and Drawings

PDF 209 Touring the Planets, by Arianna P. Chiu,.pdf
PDF 210 Bicycle, by maria Murg.jpg
PDF 211 Bridge, by Irina Murg.jpg
PDF 212 Flower, by Carla Tartan, 2nd grade.pdf
PDF 213 Clinic of Life, by Ethan Abrudeanu.pdf
PDF 214 Wish Upon a Fairy, by Damaris Popescu.pdf
PDF 215 Butterfly, by Carla Tartan, 2nd grade.pdf
PDF 216 HappyThanksgiving, by Arianna Chiu.pdf
PDF 217 I Like to CookLois Gabor.pdf
PDF 218 Journey with the Imagination, by Maria P. Murg.pdf
PDF 219 Seahorse, by Carla Tartan, 2nd grade.pdf
PDF 220 The Sun, by Amy Nichols, 10th grade.pdf
PDF 221 Lighthouse, by Maria Murg.JPG
PDF 222 Leaves Heart, by Maria Mug.jpg
PDF 223 Ladybug, by Irina Murg.JPG
PDF 224, A Race to Fight Hunder, by Amie Nichols.pdf


swanLogos has very talented students in the field of art and craft. Here`s a sample of a paper swan they made for the fund raising dinner.