Mrs. Michaela Gavril received her Bachelor Degree from College of Music ” Ion Vidu ” in Timisoara, where she specialized in music theory and instruments. In 2001 she graduated as a social worker from the college of Timisoara and worked as a social worker for 4 years at Life Water.  Michaela also received her certification as a Sunday School Teacher from the Theological Institute, Bucharest in 2003. She’s been                           teaching Sunday School in her local church for more then 15 years. She has been a Preschool teacher at                           LCA since 2017.

                   Email: Michaela Gavril




Mrs. Sabina Han graduated from George Lazar Pedagogy College in Cluj Napoca (1992-1997) with a double specialization as both a Preschool and Middle school teacher.  She also graduated from the University of Bucharest (2000-2004) with a degree in Pastoral Theology and Teaching.

Email: Sabina Han




Mrs.Mirela Popescu works as a part time preschool teacher here since 2015.



Mrs. Nicoleta Soltuzu graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor’s Degree from Petroleum – Gas University of Ploiesti, Faculty of Letters and Science. She has been a preschool teacher at LCA since 2017.

Email: Nicoleta Soltuzu



 felicia_maricica_buzduganMrs. Felicia Maricica Buzdugan graduated in 2006 with a Bachelor`s Degree from Vasile Goldis West University in Arad, RO. She has been a preschool teacher here since 2006.

Email: Felicia Buzdugan


ruth_beulah_a_camiqueMs. Ruth Beulah A. Camique graduated from the Central Philippines University in 1983, acquiring two Bachelor Degrees in Science – one majoring in Biology and the other in Elementary Education. In 1979, she obtained a Christian Life Certificate from the Doane Baptist Seminary, and after moving to Chicago, she became a Certified Nursing Assistant. She has been working as a preschool teacher at LCA since 1994.

Email: Beulah Camique

 olga_lucia_jacome_lopezMrs. Olga Lucia Jacome-Lopez graduated in 1986 from the University of San Buenaventura in Bogota, Colombia, having a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and Preschool Literature. She has been a preschool teacher at LCA since 2000. She additionally teaches Spanish to middle and high school students.

Email: Olga Jacome-Lopez


mihaela_catalina_cristescuMrs. Mihaela Catalina Cristescu graduated from the University of Bucharest, section of Romanian-Spanish Language and Literature (1974-1979). She also graduated from the Librarian College (1971-1973) and has been a Kindergarten teacher at LCA since 1999.



maria_mirela_iugaMrs. Maria Mirela Iuga acquired an Associate Degree from Betel Bible College in Medias (1999-2002) and has been a Kindergarten teacher at LCA since 2002.

Email: Mirela Iuga